HereLabel WEB online label editing and printing software
HereLabel WEB online label editing and printing software, support Excel database import and decimal, 16, base, 26, base 36 serialization settings, can easily realize label batch printing。
Edit the design
Support insert text, time, barcode, QR code, icon, picture, line, shape and other styles, just drag and drop to complete the label editing.
Batch printing
Batch printing supports excel, sql, access and other database connections, and supports multiple types of serialization settings.
Barcode type
Support a variety of barcode types, deep optimization of bar code generation algorithm, greatly improve the bar code recognition rate.
Combine data
Objects can be freely combined from multiple databases, serialized, plain text, or other objects, making them flexible and easy to edit to meet the needs of different scenarios.
Smart alignment
The intelligent auxiliary alignment function makes tag editing more flexible and efficient, eliminating the old method of dragging and dropping and aligning materials, and improving editing efficiency.
Multi-terminal interoperability
The unified account system is combined with high-quality cloud storage services, so that personal tags, databases and picture storage are no longer limited by space.