Barcode label printing software
HereLabel Comprehensive Label Designer, for different industry applications, provides a wealth of scenario-based label templates, address labels, text labels, barcode labels, shipping labels, retail labels, etc., you can design your favorite label with one click

HereLabel WEB online label editing software

Support inserting text, time, barcode, QR code, icon, picture, table, line, shape and other styles, just drag and drop to complete label editing.
Support intelligent auxiliary alignment function, making label editing more flexible and efficient, eliminating the old method of dragging and aligning materials, and improving editing efficiency.

HereLabel PC client label editing software

Batch printing supports Excel, SQL, Access and other database connections, and supports multiple types of serialization settings.
Support Code128, Code93, Code39, Ean13, Ean8, Gs1_128, QR_Code and other more than 30 kinds of barcode editing and printing.
Objects can be freely generated by multiple databases, serialization, ordinary text or other objects, making editing flexible and simple to meet the needs of different scenarios.

HereLabel APP label editing software

With industry templates such as clothing, supermarkets, food, jewelry, logistics, electricity and toys mother and baby, rich styles can meet the needs of all walks of life.
Quickly obtain the industry template corresponding to the paper by scanning the code to improve the efficiency of label editing.