Free barcode, QR code online generator software
There is no need to download and install, and the free software provided by Hanma can generate more than 30 kinds of barcodes and QR codes online.

Barcode generator

Based on the high error correction rate barcode generation algorithm developed by the HereLabel software development team, it can generate common barcodes such as Code128, Ean13, and Gs1_128 online
Support web online custom generation of barcodes, support download GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG image format barcodes

QR code generator

No need to install software, text, website, files, pictures, audio and video, business cards, WeChat, and other information can be generated into online QR codes
Through the QR code generation software, it is easy to realize one thing and one code, one thing one code, one person one code, and efficiently record the information and status of items and transactions

Barcode label making

Generate online forms based on application scenarios in various industries. Quick production with a wealth of industry templates
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